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Real Estate Transactions

I know how important purchasing or selling a home is to you and your family. I also know that you will be far more comfortable throughout the process if you are represented by someone who takes a personal interest in your situation, and who has the experience to anticipate and spot any issues that need to be addressed.

My real estate services apply equally well whether you are buying or selling a single family or multi-family house, a condominium or cooperative apartment. I can also represent you in commercial transactions as well as residential transactions. In all cases you will receive a professional closing binder containing all relevant documents executed for the closing whether it is a purchase or a sale.

I will work tirelessly to ensure that you are comfortable with your real estate buying or selling experience, and that you understand all of the legal and financial issues related to the transaction, including all relevant documents.

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If you are a home buyer I will:

  • Work with you to negotiate the best possible terms of sale, make certain that all possible circumstances are properly addressed - including issues related to the condition of the home and the availability of a loan
  • Review the contract of sale with you to make certain your rights and responsibilities are crystal clear
  • Help you settle any property issues that may arise before the sale closes
  • Review mortgage lender documents and requirements to ensure that you understand all of the conditions of the sale

If you are selling your home I will:

  • Help you negotiate the contract to make sure all relevant topics are covered
  • Draft a contract that is acceptable to the home buyer and that meets your requirements as the home seller
  • Work with real estate agents to determine their role and payment terms
  • Draft all required documents and transfer forms for the sale of your home
  • Make sure all documents necessary for a legal transfer of ownership - including real estate transfer taxes and real estate deeds - are completed accurately and filed appropriately

Experience counts. If you are buying or selling a home please contact me.

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